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BluGray Lightning is a unique form of Lightning Release utilised only by Jamez "Peaz" Data.

BluGray Lightning
BluLightControled BluGrey lightning
Anime name Blue-Gray Lightning

Steel Lightning

Inventor Jamez "Peaz" Data
Users Jamez "Peaz" Data
Class Energy
Not much is known about it but as the name suggests, the lightning produced by this ability's techniques is blue-grey in colour. This attack is his most powerful lightning, and is very fatal.


Jamez rarely use this attack except in very rare cases, where lives are threatened or when he is overwhelmed. Because very few has actually survived this attack, he has mostly managed to last fine without it, except for when he is pressured and in cold rage. There are many variants of this, which some of them are:


  • Pure BluGrey Lightning = Jamez collects his energy, and takes advantage of the fact that he's battered, taking the small energy signatures left by his opponents attack and charges them into electricity, and he summons the lightning.
  • Clone BluGrey Lightning = Jamez summons a Doppleganger and while Jamez summons the BluGrey lightning, his clone fires lightning, sometimes when he summons two clones, one act as a back up and the other clone disperse into lightning, and the lightning crashes at his opponent, powerful enough to make even Rasetsu's defence to crumble and stun him temporarily.
  • BluGrey Lightning: Judgement Streak = Jamez summons the lightning, directing it into his arms, and fires it from the tip of his fingers. When he turns Thunder Super Saiyan, the weather often follows and lightning strikes down on the field he's on. Often though, a big "boom" can be heard when he's at his base and firing the lightning.
  • Controlled Lightning = Jamez simply fires the lightning and fires it from his fingers.
  • Lightning Slash = Jamez takes his Zanpakuto and channels his lightning into it, and he uses it in battle. It affects the range of his Zanpakuto, as shown when he slashed through the sea and a mountain when he fought The Paradox.
  • Lightning Armor = Jamez forms lightning and uses it into form an armor of pure energy. This is a new technique used against his fight against The Paradox. He developed it gradually, and has numerous steps. Each time he develops a new stage, he can switch to the old ones as well.

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