This article, Black Luster Tenchi, is a Role-Play article.

Black Luster Tenchi
Black Luster Tenchi is a powerful form of Tenchi where he makes usage of the Cosmic Supplice technique. Only he is capable of manifesting his supplice to this height, surpassing even Mia in terms of limitation of the art. As the name suggests, Tenchi's Black Luster form gives him full access to the powers of the Black Luster Supplice, a legendary armor that only cosmic supplice wearerz whom have become immortal gods can wear, but due to Tenchi's incredible powers he was able to manifest this dark supplice out of his ki.

Usage & Power

In this state, Black Luster Tenchi's armor grants him by far the most incredible superhuman feats he has ever demonstrated yet, rivaled only by his Devil form. Black Luster Tenchi is so strong that he fully backs up on the claim "entering the realm of the gods" once taking on this level of supplice. He obtains a long black magical staff which focuses infinite amounts of cosmic ki for him to do his deeds with. It is noted that Tenchi is so powerful in this form that he much prefers to casually stand still and fight his opponents with the tiniest of mannerisms, as the smallest of movements on his paqrt can dispose of immensely strong foes.

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