This article, Black Hole, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Black Hole, is a Role-Play article.

Black Hole is a finishing technique used by Tenchi's Devil Alter Ego. Black Hole, as its name suggests, uses incredible cosmic powers to generate enough force to give birth to a miniature black hole. When engaging this technique, Devil Tench is so powerful he warps space-time just by existing. Clouds of purple and malevolent red gather upon earth and the void of space becomes dyed a sick blood red. Blue, purple, and red lightning strikes through planets atmospheres and through space itself as Devil Tenchi casually raises his arms and forms a small energy ball similar to that of his Dark Horizon technique, however, the ball keeps getting bigger and bigger.

It surges fourth a size every few seconds until it is big as the super spirit bomb whereby Devil Tenchi hurls it at his enemies. He can hurl it to any location as once it hits an explodes, it blows up with so much force it destroys the fabric of the universe and creates the most powerful dark matter black hole in existence. This hole gets bigger and bigger and erases everything and every opponents existence by sucking them into subspace and destroying their atoms in an even deadlier way than Tenchi's patented obliterate technique. The Black Hole will keep on growing in size until it consumes the entire universe, but Devil Tenchi does not let that happen as he wishes to rule the universe, so he forces the black hole to implode, generating an explosion that can be seen form space.

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