This article, Berserk Human, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Berserk Human, is a Role-Play article.

Berserk Human
is a warped state of the Super Human transformation, that was first discovered by TOAA. It is caused by the human experiencing a tremendous sadness, particularly self-loathing and acts as a mental defense mechanism. While in this state The Human isn't as powerful as a Super Human but their endurance, speed, and strength surpass that of a normal Super Humans by several folds.

Power & Usage

The feeling of letting the little girl die in the crossfire between the God Ships and himself pushed Wukong over the edge, and he experienced a degree of rage and self loathing that no other human should, altering his Super Human power and transforming into this state. While in this form, The Users mind shuts down and they go to far back over the line between man and ape, gaining dark brown body fury, sharp teeth, claws, and eyes overwhelmed in a red glow. The User has lost all reason and can no longer distinguish between friend and foe, lashing out at every moving object with murderous intent and blood-lust.

The Users head is overcome with hate and, wrath, and primal fury, giving them very neanderthal-ish behavior, as shown when first used by Sun-Wukong. Without proper control over this state the user will permanently remain stuck in this form unless directly helped from an outside influence. Wukong had to be knocked back into his base form by an ally in order to reverse the transformation. One may walk on their arms and legs, becoming very primitive when in this level, and using of energy attacks is reduced to zero, instead Wukong mindlessly swings his fists at whatever is in front of him to destroy his problems. Only humans that have ascended to Super Human 2 are capable of maintaining this transformation without losing their sanity.

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