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AssassinHood "Hood" - A user from the UDB wiki, who have dropped out and become a chat mod here. Quite friendly, but shows two sides. He suffers from a rare mutation, which warps his skin into diamond at will.

Ultra Kuzon "Kuzey" - One of the Bueraucrats, who have achieved legendary status in the community of SDB. He fights and is the most friendly of them, fighting for the freedom of SDB.

Zion "Zizi" - The founder of the SDB. He has zero to no tolerance for trolls and vandals, though he does show mercy. Is the harsh, but fair one.

Ian "KB" - One of the more laid-back admins. He often gets in quarrell with Hood, though they are most often seen talking to each other. Eventually, their conflict escalated. He is the kind of person that makes everything interesting. Also the more "trigger-happy of them".

Aldrin "PG" - A fellow chat mod who is the more "planner" type, but doesn't hesitate to fight. He also persuades and pushes his friends on, more or less to their liking.


AssassinHood wasn't your average day user. He had sneaked inside from the wiki that started this wiki, UDB, and made himself a name here. Now he was a chat mod. He sighed. Rain fell. He looked at his watch.

"I should pro'lly meet Kuzey and Zizi now." he said, picking up his pace. He went to the so called meeting place, which turned out to be a bar. Hoodie stared suspiciously at the place, before walking in. He saw Kuzey and Zizi, or Zion, sitting at a table, discussing, along with Ian and Maroyasha.

"Hood!" Kuzey shouted, chuckling. "Man, you look terrible." he said, studying Hoodie. His dark blue hair was a mess, and he wore a black trenchcoat, covering that he wore a T-shirt and some jeans. His sneakers were soaking.

"Heh. Look at yourself before talking." Hoodie replied, and greeted on everyone at the table, before sitting down. Zion whistled and a waitress, holding some beer, came to their table.

"Its on da house." Ian said, grabbing a cup. The others did the same, and they proceeded to talk, while sipping some beer from time to time.

"Hey. News came in." Maro said. "The city is a mess. Trolls on one place, vandals on an other, and rouge users at another. They control all the islands here, except this one. We still have it.

"What do we do?" Hood asked, staring at Maro. Their cold attitude against each other was something quite well known.

"Why," Maro said cold, "That's something we'll have to figure out."

"Leave it to me." Hoodie said, and with those words, he walked out of the bar, the others following.

Chapter 1: We go undercover.

Hoodie thought. "If we're gonna defeat these guys, we need to think. But since they infiltrated us...then..."


Hoodie's phone (Couldn't get another pic.)

Hoodie had to tell the others. He took up his cellphone and rang to Ian, Powerful Gohan, Zizi and Kuzey.

"Meet me at the alley behind of Slurpee Square." Hoodie said. Once everyone got there, Hoodie told of his plan.

"Al'ight guys. I thought. Since the trolls and all of those infiltrated US, maybe we'll infiltrate THEM!" Hoodie said.

"How will that work?" Zizi asked. So began a discussion, which destroyed the alley behind Slurpee Square, and they all agreed. They would form a team, which would act like the group "Behind the Scenes."

All that was left was preparation. With that, everyone went their own way.

Zizi and Kuzey went to prepare and give them cover, letting Maro in charge. PG readied contacts and prepared for their arrival. Ian and Hood went through the plan. Finally, the day came.

PG walked, carrying a backpack, standing infront of a bridge which lead to the Troll district. All of a sudden, a horn sounded from behind, and he turned around, seeing an old rusty van.

"Ge' in, kiddo." Ian said, and motioned. As PG went in, Hood asked everyone:

"A'ight. This is how it is. Any questions before?"

No one spoke. "A'ight, pedal to the metal!" Hood said, putting on his sunglasses.

"Really, Hood?" PG said, going forward to the driver seat. "Sha-EAAH!" he shouted, before tumbling backwards. Hood laughed. The van picked up speed impossible for a such rusty van, but they crossed the bridge. Seconds later, they were at the Troll Island.

Zizi got out of the van, the others following.

"So this is....the Troll District." Kuzey said sadly, obviously saddened that he had failed to save the citizens from the Trolls.

"Enough brooding." Aldrin said, and looked around. "We better move."

"Why?" Ian said, picking up a cigar from his pocket.

Ian got his answer, as the earth started to shake.

"Quick! Everybody get in de car!" Ian shouted, and threw the door open, and the others followed.

"What the hell is going on?!" Hood shouted.

"Trolls." Kuzey said grimly. "Enough talking, drive, damn it!"

And with those words, Hood drove away, putting on some music on the radio. "No... no... that's more like it." Hood said. And as the music started, he put pedal to the metal, and the car picked up speed.

"Damn! This rusty crap can go this fast?" Zizi shouted, and out of nowhere, saw a weapon lying on the floor, a machine gun. He started firing the weapon at the trolls, and the sound from the weapon was high, and hurt their ears. Hood pressed a button, and soon everyone except Hood was armed to the teeth. Everyone managed to fire their weapons in some ways, wether it was from the roof, the doors or the windows, trolls fell, one by one.

Suddenly, Aldrin swore. "Out of ammo! Oh well. Ass, better turn sharp here-" Aldrin said, while Hood made a sharp turn, but unfortunately, the van flipped and rolled, and for some reason, the van managed to flip back so Hood could drive, but they flew out of a ramp..

Chapter 2: Are you mentally sane?

Everyone shouted as they flew out of the ramp, and saw that crashing to the ground was quite far.

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