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This article, Battle of the Masters, is a Role-Play article.

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The Battle of the Masters is a Super Tournament where Master Fighters of Lookout Wiki go Head to Head in All-Out Battles of the Century.

It takes Place in the Wiki Chat. Sign up to be in it!


The Masters and Grandmasters of the Wiki go Head-to-Head in Huge Clashes to test each other powers. You get ready to fight and you and your opponent start the Showdown. The Fights last as long as they go on, until one User forfiets the Match or knocks the other one out for over 10 Seconds.

They were initially in 1040. The Battle of the Master's was revived in July 1071 when Kuzon fought Zion in a showdown, known as Revival of the Masters.


  • No Killing
  • No God-Modding (Suriving Everything thrown at you)
  • No Cheating

Sign Up

You Sign Up In the Comments. Put your User Warriors name and who you wanna fight.

Enjoy the Match, you might not come out alive.

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