"A copy?... A COPY!?, HOW DARE YOU!! -punch- DID THAT WAKE YOU UP A LITTLE COMMISSIONER!?!?!... You... make me sick. I thought you were a little better than this!, but it seems i was mistaken!... The Batman is not simply one person... an identity... The Batman is an IDEAL, a law that the rest of us can aspire to look up to, a living example of justice and light where there is only darkness!... SS himself taught me that... but only in his death did i finally realize the true meaning behind his ideal!... how many more deaths if the innocent is it going to take for YOU to realize?... you think i'm doing this out of... such petty human emotions as wanting to copy?... get out of my sight, i've never heard anything as blasphemous against SS's name in my life... -puts mask on- Make no mistake commissioner... men like him are last lights in endless darkness... they are the one hope and savior that act for the greater good of mankind... even if they are viewed as a menace... even if i am to be condemned forever... no matter what... i will carry on SS's ideal.. his legacy... its the least i can do... maybe now you'll finally realize what it means to be... The Dark Knight."
— Tenchi Is Infuriated With The Commissioner

Batman One Million
Professional Status
Personal Status
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Batman One Million or more commonly referred to as "Batman 1M" is the identity that Tenchi takes on to honor and carry on the ideals and principles of the late and since deceased . He is a vigilante warrior whose identity goes secret to the public and only a select few know that know his true identity.




Powers & Abilities

Behind The Scenes


Appearances in Other Media

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