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"I refuse to wear SS' suit...But he will be honored...The Batman was a symbol...It could be anyone. It could be any single person. Nobody needed to know who it was. For it was an idea,a symbol for justice and hope where there was none. SS became the Batman because this city was overrun with criminals and gangs. And the police could do nothing,so a hero was needed. A light in the darkness...I'm no light...But I have devoted my life to helping the innocent...and honoring the legend of SS...No...The legend...Of the Batman..."
— SM becoming Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond
Professional Status
Personal Status
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Batman Beyond is SM's take on The Batman. He refused to wear ' suit, so he made his own. He protects the innocent, just like Tenchi does as Batman 1M. It's like having two Batmans for the price of one.

Becoming Beyond

Behind The Mask


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