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Batagan is a Doujutsu, it does not belong in any clan, the only user is Vegitax, known as the "Explosion


The Batagan has the ability to make instant and huge explosions without even moving, aside from that, it can control people by manipulating their body parts, its third ability is giving the user an extreme power boost, the user's power level goes far beyond its normal extent.


If Vegitax overuses the Batagan, he may have blurry eyesight and decreased power level, but if it happens and Vegitax hasn't overused it yet, it means Vegitax's eye will go back to normal.

Mangekyo Batagan

300px-Divine Mangekyō Sharingan ShounenSuki.svg

This is the most powerful form of Batagan, it adds an extra ability, the user can now see the opponent's movements in slow motion, making it easy to act, the red parts present explosions, and the green parts present slow motion.

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