This article, Ball of the 6 Fates, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Ball of the 6 Fates, is a Role-Play article.

Ball of the 6 Fates is Ethan's variation of the 6-Layered Comet Blast. This attack hits the enemy "prematurely" and
can cause massive damage, blowing up an entire battlefield. When it hits his opponent, it can blow them up and turn them into Dark Lightning.


6th Layer: The 6th layer is a Destructive Wave.

5th Layer:  The 5th layer is a Spirit-Gun with a golden sparking aura.

4th Layer:  The 4th layer is a Super Explosive Wave which is sent at the enemy when it is fired

3rd layer: The 3rd layer leaves behind a path of destruction and flames.

2nd layer: Sparks of golden yellow can be seen on the 2nd layer when it hits the enemy.

1st layer: A Telekinetic field which will sent back any blasts sent to interfere with the ball of 6 fates.

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