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Azalea is Miricle1778's RP character. Azalea is different from the others. Azalea doesn't really have powers, she can't fight either so she has a lot of people save her since she can't really save herself except running. She is 17 years old.

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Name Azalea
Kanji ツツジ
Romanji Tsutsuji-san
User Miricle1778
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Date of Birth May 15th
Height 5'1" *actual height*
5'2" *boots on*
Weight 82 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation The Lookout Crew
Personal Status
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"Does my thumb look spanish?"
— Azalea asking that to many people

"Last night I dreamt of tiny pink bubbles and when they popped they sounded like little kids giggling"
— Azalea talking to Tali about her dream

"Is it true that sweat & pee are cousins? "
— Azalea asking that question to everyone

"I average about 407 texts a day. Do you think that is too much? text ya later! "

"How do snapping turtles snap? They don't have any fingers. I HAVE fingers and I can't even snap! "

"What's that supposed to mean!?!"
— Azalea saying that when she gets offened

"People will believe anything you say with confidence. Watch this: I AM A 7-FOOT-TALL MARTIAN! You believed that for a second didn't you? "

"I'm on a juice cleanse this week! I bathed in orange juice this morning and feel soooo much healthier already! "

"A sentence that no one has ever written before: Pretty pink elephants love hot air balloon rides over fields of purple daisies. "

"Why do I watch scary movies right before bed? I always have nightmares. I'm a wimp."


Azalea is a nice and kind girl. She is known as a ditzy, bubbly, and cheerful person who rarely gets angry. When she gets offended, she usually says "What's that supposed to mean?!". She's really easy to get along with but she doesn't like it when people hang out at her house too long.
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Azalea has long purple/black hair. She has purple eyes and she wears a school like uniform. She wears long boots *Not sure if they have ends or not*.

Early Life & Childhood

Azalea was born on May 15th but she's unsure where she was born at. Azalea was born in a rich family. Azalea was the only child in family or at least she knows about. Her mother was very strict along with her dad because her mother childhood was kinda ruff for her along with her sadness. Azalea did went to school but after school she would go either to her best friend house or her grandparents house because she was too scared to go home to her parents house. Azalea barely had any friends because since the fact that people were jealous of her. Azalea would be bullied & made fun of because of her appearance & her height. Azalea's parents would expect her to do things right away & not make her service do it. When Azalea turned about 2 years old, she would expected to do her own things because her mom & dad were not gonna do her stuff for her. Other than the cleaning, her service people would do the cooking for her. Azalea didn't mind doing the cleaning when she turned older. When each year went by, her parents became more & more bossy & more stricter. After a while they turned a little abusive. When she started school, some of the kids (DJ) would make fun of her & make her cry. She did make friends when she went to middle school but the sad part was, half of her friends would use her & call her "useless" or "she means nothing". But she did have one best friend she was friends with in the 1st grade. When Azalea was in the 7th grade, she gained more friends but some kids were still bullying her by her appearance & her clothes because she didn't really that good of fashion. Few years later when she was in High School, Azalea had longer hair & she got new clothes & shoes. More people liked her better because a long time ago people were jealous of her cuteness.

800px-Moemura doing math

Azalea doing math

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