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Homeworld Unknown Planet
Average Height Height of an average Human
Diet Everything that is food
Sapience Level Sapient
Atomicans is a race of strong and skilled warriors.
Unnamed Atomican

An unnamed Atomican boy.


Atomicans usually have brown hair. Atomican males have spiky hair that is brown; they usually never grow facial hair even in their elder ages. Female Atomicans have long beautiful hair that flows in the winds of their homeplanet. It is unspecific what clothes Atomicans wear but we can tell that they are very well protected during battle. They have brown eyes that are the exact color of the hair and eyebrows.

Name Origins

The names are based off of atomic things.

Name Suggestions

Based off Lithium - Lithio (Male) Lithia (Female)

Based off Oxygen - Oxygo (Male) Oxemas (Female)


Atomicans at full age such as mid 20's have the strength of a Full Breed Saiyan such as Vegeta. At the age of 10 through 15 are very strong such as a saiyan human hybrid such as teen Gohan at Super Saiyan.

Unnamed Atomican Girl 2

An unnamed female Atomican.

2. Atomicans strongest age is about 24 which they are strong enough to even take down a whole army.


Like most races Atomicans are able to transform into multiple forms.

Atomic Form

Super Atomic Form

Super Atomic Form 2

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