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This article, Atomic Super Saiyan, is a Fan-Fiction article.

Atomic Super Saiyan is a transformation used by . It is a Super Saiyan transformation that is achieved by training in intense heat for many years.


The form is achieved by training in intense heat or a volcano. It is burning, the aura and hair burns and steams. It takes years to achieve, and it is very powerful, around Super Saiyan 3 power. When you ascend to it, you hear a loud boom, cause you exploded into it, which is another reason for th name, Atomic.


In the form, you are very similar to . You have huge bulky muscles (Though they don't weigh you down), and your pupils dissapear. Your hair sticks out and turns shades of orange and yellow and dark orange. You gain a sparky orange aura as well.


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