This article, Asura Great Ape, is a Role-Play article.

Asura Great Ape
Asura Great Ape
Ashura Oozaru
Asura Oozaru
Anime name Asura Great Ape
Manga name Asura Great Ape
Alternate names God Great Ape
Debut SDBW
Appears in SDBW
Inventor Unknown
Users Unknown
Class Transformation

Asura Great Ape (Ashura Oozaru) is an extremely powerful, extremely advanced "Super" great ape form more powerful than most super saiyan transformations. It isn't yet known or properly understood how one obtains the form, and it is greatly superior to most other Great Ape transformations. Obtaining this form causes the user to become a pseudo great ape, causing them to sprout six muscular arms and a series of multiple saiyan tails.

Usage & Power

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