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Anime name Ashoka
Manga name Ashoka
Alternate names The Blade of Absolute Destruction
Debut SDBZ
Appears in SDBZ
Inventor Grand Supreme Makaioshin
Users Grand Supreme Makaoshin
Class Sword
Color Black

Ashoka(王王, Lit. "Ideal Universal Ruler") is the name of the mystical sword wielded by The . It is a weapon as powerful as it is symbolic and is said to be capable of giving a regular man the strength to kill a god. It is a seemingly unsuspecting black blade modeled after a traditional Japanese nodachi katana sword, in the ceremonial chokuto style. The blade holds within it extreme power and grants the user many reliable and devastating powers and abilities, enough to make an average Human one the strongest beings in the universe.


As its creator, Ashoka only acknowledges The Grand Supreme Dark Kai as its master and sole wielder. No other beings are capable of wielding Ashoka, and if they attempt to do so the blade will assimilate them and add them to its own already immense power. The sword is shown to posses its own Power level, being composed out of some of the rarest and most powerful magical materials from the furthest corners of the universe. Ashoka is built from a special unique Black Katchin and is imbued with several magical augmentations, capable of slicing through the mightiest and densest of raw Katchin minerals with casual ease.

Special Abilities

Ki Conduit

As an extension of his own body, both figuratively and literally, Ashoka absorbs Mu's Ki and focuses it into a variety of different and extremely deadly sword-based attacks. Truly one of the most useful and reliable swords demonstrated throughout the course of the series, Ashoka has the ability to focus and compress the wielders ki into its own blade and drastically enhance its already mind blowing attack power and defensive capabilities, but also unleash ki in the form of various different energy projections.

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