This article, Ascended Super Saiyan God, is a Role-Play article.

Ascended Super Saiyan God
Ascended saiyan god
Supa Saiyajin Goddo Dai ni Dankai
Anime name Ascended Super Saiyan God
Manga name None

Ascended Super Saiyan God(超サイヤ人神アセンデッド, Supa Saiyajin Goddo Dai ni Dankai) is an extremely advanced state of Super Saiyan God. The form is many times stronger than The True Original Super Saiyan transformation and causes the user to become exceedingly beast-like. The skin is dyed a reddish-pink tint and the hair elongates, becoming more jagged and akin to that of the usual shape taken on by a super saiyan transformation. The users eyes are completely overwhelmed in red and the eyebrows disappear, obtaining their Saiyan tail (if it has been cut off) and elongated ears.


Usage & Power

Regarded as "The True form of Super Saiyan God", a Saiyan the achieves this state reaches the pinnacle of Saiyan Power, though even so, there has be no absolute limit defined. 

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