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Angels Collide is a fan-fiction by SuperSaiyanKrillin. It is based around Gokrill and Dark Runner ultimate battle.


"Okay Kiki only another seventeen hundred push ups to catch up to me." said Gokrill as he continued to do push ups as he was training his daughter. Kiki was warn out and tired, but she wanted to be able to match her father one day.

"One day, I will reach you father! And I'll never give up!" said Kiki as she started doing push ups faster. Gokrill just smiled and kept doing push ups. They continued doing push ups for the next ten minutes.

"Okay, now we we start the fighting training." said Gokrill. Kiki took a stance and ran at Gokrill.

Few Hours Later

Gokrill carried Kiki to her room. And put her in her bed and pulled the blanket's over her. He then went to his room and went to bed himself. He had only three hours of sleep before something blew up the side of his wall in his bedroom. He leaped out of his bed and onto the floor ready to fight. Something knocked his bed away and through the opposite wall. And there stood Dark Runner.

"Something wrong Gokrill. You look surprised to see me!" said Runner as he slashed his sword Masamune through the air and a wave of black energy came out and slashed Gokrill. He went flying into the wall. Gokrill quickly went Super Saiyan and blasted Runner. Runner blocked it with his sword and quickly blasted Gokrill to the outside of his house.

Gokrill charged him and tackled him into his pool. Gokrill started punching him into the bottom of the pool. Runner grabbed him by the neck and and threw him out of the pool and threw the side of his house into his kitchen. Runner came through the giant hole in the wall and punched Gokrill into his fridge. Runner got blasted in the gut and threw the wall into the living room.

End of Part 1

Good vs. Evil

Gokrill went into his Angel form and charged at him. Runner easily kicked him into the ground. Runner went into his Shadow Angel form and blasted Gokrill into the wall. He charged him and aimed his sword right at Gokrill's head. Gokrill went to dodge, but had his wing stabbed to the wall. He screamed out in pain, and was punched in the face repeatedly by Runner.

Gokrill kicked Runner away and pulled out the sword. He tossed the sword to the ground and summoned Excalibur. Runner's sword flew back to him. They both stood staring at each other in their angel forms. "Why do you want to kill me? You know it will only lead to your death." Gokrill said.

"Who cares! It's the enjoyment of killing! And killing you will prove I am the greatest! So shut up and except your death!" replied Runner as he charged at Gokrill with his sword straight out. Gokrill blocked using Excalibur and the explosion took out half of his house. They continued to clash swords over and over again. Neither of them having the upper hand.

Gokrill finally managed to get in a hit and stabbed his sword through Runner's wing and into the ground. He then pulled out another sword and stabbed Runner's other wing to the ground. Runner was gonna scream in pain, but was cut short when he started getting punched in the face. Gokrill had enhanced his hands with ki.

"Hell......" said Runner as he was continuously being punched in the face, "Raiser!" Dark energy surrounded him and blasted Gokrill through the air. Runner pulled out the two swords in his wings and grabbed his sword. He slashed it through the air and a dark pulse of energy blasted Gokrill into the cliff his house was built on. Runner sank into the ground where he was and rose in front of Gokrill and started slashing him. Gokrill was still dizzy from being knocked into the cliff.

All of a sudden Runner was blasted away. He looked over and saw one of his battle suits.

End of Part 2

The Tides are Turned

The suit leaped in the air and landed next to him. It then opened and out stepped Kiki. "Dad! Are you okay!" she cried. And she ran next to him and started to heal his wounds.

"I'm fine Kiki. You have to go, you can't help here. Just leave this to me." he replied as he pushed Kiki away. "Get back into the battle suit and get out of here." He stood up and went into his angel form.

"Dad! I can hel....." said Kiki before she was cut off.

"No! You go! Now leave this to me." he said. He looked down and saw that she had tears rolling down her face. He bent down and wiped off the tears. "I know you mean well, but you're only a liability that he'll use to attack me through. So please go." he said. Kiki smiled and gave him a hug and jumped back into the suit and took off.

"Your going to need all the help you can get if you want to defeat me!" screamed Runner as he just floated in the air with blood running down his arm and his sword in his hand.

"We'll just have to see then, huh?" said Gokrill as he powered up to his Super Saiyan 3 Angel Form. He put his hand out and had his reaper scythe come to him and also so that Excalibur, The Spear of Triam, and the Sword of Dimensions would also come to him. he put the two swords on his back and just stood there with his weapons waiting for Runner to make the first move.

Runner smiled realizing what he was waiting for and charged him. He slashed at him with Masamune and then with the other sword that Gokrill had left behind. Gokrill blocked withe the Spear of Triam and the Reaper's Scythe. He then kicked Runner in the jaw and sent him flying with a mouth blast. Gokrill then quickly flew and him and stabbed him to the ground with the spear and scythe. He then pulled out he Sword of Dimensions and stabbed Runner in the knee. He then super charged his hands with ki and started to pummel Runner.

End of Part 3

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