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IchigoAnimeEp113 (1)

Ancient Fighter's debut appearance.

Ancient Fighter is a swordsman who likes learning new fighting styles. He used to be a demon named The Ancient Evil, but turned him into a good person using the. He is AncientFighter's main RP character.


Ancient Fighter used to be a demon known as The Ancient Evil, and fought Tenchi, SS, Izekial, Domon Kasshu, , and Mars in a huge scale battle. After killing Metro in this form, Domon and Tenchi fused to combat The Ancient Evil. Eventually, the fusion sent him out of the universe with an Ultimate Kamehameha. The attack was powerful, but The Ancient Evil survived and retreated to the Super Z-Fighter's abandonded base, where he and SS had their final battle. With the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, instead of killing The Ancient Evil, SS turned him into the Ancient Fighter by removing the evil inside of him.

Afterwards, Ancient Fighter, or AF for short, joined the Lookout Crew, becoming a protector of the Lookout. He later had a fight with Domon Kasshu, another skilled swordsman. After a long fight, Domon won, and ever since AF has been training to beat Domon. Later, AF entered The Kuzon Games, losing to Kuzon in the first round. He later tried to restrain Rider Falken after he lost control of his power and went on a rampage. This later caused the creation of The Warriors of Light, a group dedicated to destroying the remaining Spiral Beings before they do to much damage to the universe.

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