This article, Alpha Saiyan God, is a Role-Play article.

Alpha Saiyan God is a form that only top-level gods and near death people can achieve.


All though there is no picture shown, the person has long White hair and their eyes turns a supernatural color in White aura. The body is slightly bigger but the power increases is astonishing.

What it is used for

The Gods (coming soon) only use this form when they go against each other. When using this form on a really difficult opponent but not a god; they decreased their power level in the Alpha form so they hopefully don't need to eradicate their opponent.

How tough it is

This mode can go to immeasurable heights that no other mode can surpass.

Can other people get it

Yes other people can get it, but your race must only be Saiyan or part God any other it would back fire and destroy the user. To master it it would take years to master it, and then at the end of your characters life the would in a fit of fury the enemy would be through several miles away and you would be one of the great warriors. If you tried to achieve this to the end of your lifespan, you would turn into one and gain 50 years of your life back.


In the world there are good people, bad people and neutral people. Bad people can not achieve this form due to the fact that the God of God created it. Neutral people are able to get it but they would need to have been neutral whole life or ling to good, people who are ling towards bad do not get it. Neutral people only receive 1/12 of the given to a good person.

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