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Alpha Saiyan Mars

Alpha Saiyan Mars

Alpha Saiyan is a very powerful transformation used by Mars. It is achieved when you are at near death while in Extreme Super Saiyan 2.


The fur from ESSJ2 turns red like a Super Saiyan 4. The user's pupils disappear and their eyes are completely blank. The tail remains purple from Extreme Super Saiyan. The user's hair grows down some and turns golden. The user's muscles also grow a small amount.


It surpasses all of the Supreme Super Saiyan forms, the Mystic Super Saiyan Forms and the Extreme Super Saiyan forms in power. When in this form the user can destroy planets with little effort using simply a small finger beam. The user's physical strength is greatly increased to the point where they can even rip a small planet or moon in half with their bare hands. The user's speed also increases incredibly, as they can fly or even run many times faster than the speed of light.

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