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A Lookout Christmas! is a Wiki-wide fan-fiction by Ultra Kuzon. It focuses on The Lookout Crew's adventures to save Christmas and Santa Claus.


It is about Christmas time, and the Lookout Crew is all cuddled, on the snowy Lookout, on snowy Earth. Zat is drinking coffee, Kuzon is knitting fluffy sweaters, Kuro is playing games and training, and all the others are doing whatever you'd usually do on the holidays..



Chilling in the Lookout while snow covers everywhere..

Kuzon: (knitting sweaters and drinking hot chocolate)

Michael Iron turns on the weather.

TV meterologist: Today is December 23rd! It is -8 degrees out. So far..snow continues to lay all over the place. It may be a few days until it wears away, and untill Christmas! About 800,000 people so far are traveling for the holiday's.

Michael Iron: I don't think it will get better.

Zat: Meh.

SS beats open the door into the Lookout, annoyed, with a large box of Christmas tree Santa Claus ornaments..

SS: Here is your damned ornaments. (shoves in Kuzon's face)

Kuzon: Emoticon_content.png Yay. (puts it on the tree) Now all we need is a Dragon Ball on top...

Ian walks out from the shower.

Ian: That was a good shower.

Kuro gets up and looks out the window. Ian goes and looks too.

Ian: I am going to go train.

Zat: In this weather? ...Okay then.

Kuzon brings a big sweater with a snow man knitted on it to Ian..

Ian: Hell no.

Kuzon: Don't wanna get sick, do ya?

Ian: .....(puts it on) I will get you back. (walks out and slams door)

Right when Ian slams the door, a huge clump of snow falls from the roof and covers him..

Ian: .....

Kuzon: HAHA.

Kotaz flies unto the Lookout with a bunch of Gi..'

Kuro: Look, Kotaz is here. Yay..

Kotaz walks in and sets the box down on the floor.

Kotaz: I brought some Gi with warmers. I still don't get why you can't just heat yourselves up...

Kuzon: Ahem. (pulls out huge book) even the most toughest people get colds.

Kotaz: But, that does-

Kuzon: It is right. Emoticon_content.png

Zat: (goes in bedroom and goes to bed) ...Meh.

Michael Iron: (playing WWE wrestling on PS3) Where is Tskui? Haven't seen him in a while.

SS: Probably in the mountains training. Like usual.

Michael Iron: You're no different...

SS: .....Fair enough.

Tanks walks out from the training room under the Lookout..

Tanks: I am all warmed up. (hugs himself and sits down and reads magazine about muscles)

Kuzon: Good to know. I can't wait until Christmas. Emoticon_content.png

Kotaz: I don't believe in Chrismas..I believe, but I don't care for it.

Michael Iron: ....Asstrucker.

Kotaz: I asstrucked your mom last night!

Michael Iron: O.o

Kuzon: Enough! Jeez. It is the holidays. Emoticon_sad.png A happy time.

And so the Lookout Crew go to bed that night, and wake the next morning, ready for Christmas Eve..

Kuzon is scrapping snow off the Lookout..

Some guy miles below on Earth walking: ...(gets smashed by snow all of a sudden) WTF??!

Kuzon: Oopsy. Emoticon_laughing.png

Michael Iron: (training) .....(keeps training)

Kuzon: So...anyone wondering where Santa is?

Zat: No.

Michael Iron: I wanna go meet Santa Claus. It does seem he is kinda late, I still can't feel his power.

Kuro: Maybe we should go check up on him. He lives like, 2,000 miles from here, and I never been there or sensed his power so I can't use instant transmission. Emoticon_laughing.png

Tsuki: I don't think anyone can. I can't fly either..

Kuzon: Who is up for an adventure to the North Pole?! :D

Everyone: ....Yay...

So Kuzon, Michael, Kuro, and a few others build a giant sleigh. Kuro paints it, Kuzon works on the power, and Michael tests it...before Mike runs it off the Lookout, and they all have to build a new one..

The first sleigh flies off the Lookout at 600 miles per hour..

Guy from earlier who just built his new shed: Finally! (his shed is smashed to death and broken by the sleigh) WTF?!! WHY ME?!

The Lookout crew finishes and builds a ramp on the Lookout facing north..

Kuzon: (puts his feet into little sockets that take Ki) Let's move.

Everyone gets in, and it is cramped.

Michael: ...Ohhh...

So the sleigh flies off the Lookout, and flies through the air at 70 miles per hour, while it is working from everyone's Ki carrying it..

Zat: Heh. (looking down at the plain white plains of snow)

So the crew carries for hours down the long plains through the air. At about 6:30 PM, they get to the North Pole..

SS: I see it. (points)

Kuzon drops the sleigh down on the snow, and it wrecks and breaks into pieces.., with Kotaz in it...

Kotaz: (waking up fast) WHAT?! Grr...didn't even wake me.. >.>

Michael: Well I didn't wake your mom. Ohhh...

Kotaz: ....(blasts Mike in the face)

Michael: Ow.

Zat: Comon. No fighting. (moves on through the blizzard while everyone stares and continues)

While the crew is walking, they see a figure nearby walking..they go over to it..

Kuzon: That-That's Gotanks!

Everyone: Hm?!

Gotanks: Kuzon buddey?!

Kuzon runs..

Michael: ...What you doin here?

Gotanks: After you kicked me off the Lookout, I had no where to go so I am going to Santa Claus' to make friends and maybe meet Mordecai and Rigby and make friends with them too. Okey buddey?

Michael: ....Alright then? Let's uhh, move somewhere else.

So after about an hour, everyone makes it to Santa Claus' house!

Kuzon: We made it. Emoticon_content.png Let move. :)

The Crew beats down Santa's door, and see's no one is in there...

Ian: What the.

Destiny: ..Derp.

Kuzon: Wh-where is he? :(

Michael Iron: I don't kn-..what that power? 

Kuro: It is high, and feels evil. I thought I knew something was here! (gets in stance)

'Unknown: finally come. I knew you would.

Everyone: ?? Grr..

Unknown: I am Zorak. Or you can call me the Grinch. >:D

Kuzon: Darn it. Always someone to ruin christmas. >:(

Zorak: (flaps around a sack with someone in it beating around) Wanna know who's in here?

Kuro: ...It's Santa...isn't it?

Zorak: Yep. And he isn'y getting out..

Tsuki: What did he do to you?

Zorak: Ahem. One christmas, I used to be a human child. Loved life. But one Christmas, I never got anything for Christmas, just a big ass pile of coal...and I was mad. Many years later, I planned it all. Now, I am 19, and I came here, and stole the power of Santa. And now I got little weak fat guy, and I am Santa. And no one is getting anything this Christmas...wahaha..

Zat: So you don't get something one Christmas, so no one can?

Zorak: Yep. 

Michael: ...Seems legit.

Everyone gets in a stance..

Zorak: Wanna fight eh? Okay. (throws the Santa bag aside and forms a huge red blast and launches it down at the Crew, who all easily throw it aside)

Let's move. 

Zorak rushes at the gang. Zat jumps and runs around him. Kuzon blasts into Super Saiyan and jumps at him and rams his foot in his face. Zorak grabs it and swings him aside, and Kuzon lands on his feet. Michael flies up and launches a bunch of blasts at him. Zorak runs through them and sucker punches Mike. Mike wipes it off and goes Super Saiyan 2. Mike starts to pummel him, while Tsuki, Destiny, and Kotaz shoot blasts up at Zorak from below. Kuro blasts into Sapphire Super Saiyan and launches a huge sapphire crystal at Zorak. Zorak, damaged but ok, looks at Kuro and launches a huge super blast at him. Kuro dodges it barely and stares at him...

Zorak: You guys are better than I thought. Hmph. No problem though.

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