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Jadai's AT Field

The A.T. Field
is the most powerful energy shield technique in existence. It is derived and created from Light Hawk energy to create an invisible spherical barrier surrounding the user. The AT Field can only be generated by unbelievable amounts of cosmic Ki, so only a few selected ones are capable of generating it. The AT Field creates an "absolute territory" surrounding the user in which no outside influences are capable of entering or defying. The Field as created by billions upon billions of layers each built to dispel a different aspect of an enemy. It effectively "bans" enemy attacks, preventing things from entering.


The AT Field is a magical construct, like many of Tenchi's techniques, it is the physical manifestation of mental consciousnesses. The Field is manifested absolute territory which is created from the immense energies of subspace amassing in the physical realm. In this right, only Potentials such as Tenchi and Jadai are capable of generating enough power to perform the AT Field. All outside influences regardless of their forms are incapable of protruding through the AT Fields perimeter. Jadai is an expert of using the AT Field so his is a particularly incredible example of this ability. All forces, whether they be physical, spiritual, biotic, abiotic, illusory, or even imaginary are completely banned from entering or doing damage to the AT Field.

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