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99.5 The Lookout is the official radio station of the wiki.. We play the classics as well as the latest hits! Along with music we also have interviews, discussion, and talks with various users and guests. Hosted by TheGreatKuzon!

Featured guests: Tom Selleck, Richard Dawkins, Boy George, John Glenn, Charles Manson, dude named Bill

Cutline: Why listen to others when you can listen to us?

Our music setlist consists of some classic Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin, mixed with some Daft Punk and K-pop, then we delve into some unknown, obscure music like danger music (loud, incessant screaming) and lowercase (silence) then suddenly BOOM Tutti Frutti '50s rock n roll followed by Death Satan Black Metal by Krypt, which leads into Here Comes the Sun, setting the stage for Lady Gaga, who actually doesn't do any songs but announces NIRVANA and a 5-hour set of Nirvana songs, with small 2-minute long early 70s bubblegum pop segments and ending with a Johnny Cash and Grand Ole Opry finale until a few minutes of silence (actually gospel choir which is playing so soft the volume needs raised to 100) later you hear traditional Scottish folk bagpipe music.

Be sure to stay tuned in for our talk shows on Tuesday and Thursday. Our shows feature a variety of guests (from a variety of backgrounds) and typically include heated, intense arguments and debates over politics and religion that resolve in physical fights. Definitely not for the politically correct, and the discussions are unregulated so be weary of your kids listening. Topics can sometimes delve into extremely offensive, sexual, taboo, and just outright weird territory.

Enjoy the show!

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