66.6 "The Rage" is a radio station created by TOAA and is hosted by Rasetsu on days where he is not doing whatever the hell it is that he does. It was inspired by Kuzon's Lookout radio station and is the second known station ever to be made on the. The Rage draws inspiration instead from a radio station in popularized sandbox shooter Grand Theft Auto. This means that the station is constantly on loop and is scripted but it runs for a very long time as is with the radio stations in such a game.


The Rage is an underground themed rock and metal music station built for the people by the people. The following is a list of tracks that are played throughout the broadcast. It plays mostly old school or old school themed tracks with a heavy amount of variation and variety between bands and styles. The tracks are hand-picked by Rasetsu to form something that sympathizers of the style can get down to. Though the style is not limited, both modern and classic tracks from the underground metal scene make their way onto the station.

Overall the style of the songs are selected all to fit the main theme of the wiki; battle, though some songs are serious, others are lighthearted, non serious, goofy, or just there for fun.

Tracks List

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