This article, 6-Layered Comet Blast, is a Role-Play article.

This article, 6-Layered Comet Blast, is a Role-Play article.

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6-Layered Comet Blast

6-Layered Comet Blast

Split into 6 different layers, each comprising of different attacks and abilities. The attacks directly affect the amount of damage inflicted, and the properties of the attack. This attack can be used by the people affiliated with the Geti Star or have gone under Taros’ training.

Outermost layer: Bluish in colour, affects acceleration of the attack. Fire attacks/fast attacks with great concentration such as  Final Flash or special beam cannon work best here.

5th layer: Purplish-Red in colour, affects the properties of the attack. Attacks which are go here are commonly Neo Tri Beam(massive concussive force), Destructo Disc(Slicing capability), Spirit Ball(homing and controllable) and Spirit Bomb(spiritual energy, affects evil only).

4th layer: Red in colour, affects the innate properties of the attack, such as vibration frequency and overall effect. The attacks/abilities which go here include Dimensional(unblockable), Magic, Energy Drain(normally used by Androids), Sealing(Mafuba), etc. are used.

3rd layer: The centre of the attack which is yellowish-orange in colour. This layer is the core of the attack and determines the overall strength of the attack via its source and density. One of the strongest enhancements include Neo Tri Beam, Final Shine Attack, and Dragon Fist.

2nd layer: The inner core of the attack, dark-yellow in colour. This portion allows for further enhancement of the attack’s innate abilities, and stronger elements such as Light and Darkness can be used here. All the elements can be used here as well for maximum effect, such as Fire, Wind and Darkness(Hellfire storm), Water and Electricity(immense shock), Volcanic death(Lightning, Fire and Earth), Gravity pull(Earth and spikes), etc. which add on to the original.  If the user has no elements, it defaults to an energy attack, or uses the environmental elements, depending on the user’s preference.

1st layer: Arguably the most important layer, it is a bright yellow in colour. This is where self-enhancement abilities come in, as it can be used for the attack as well. For this layer, some of the common abilities used on it include Kaio-Ken, Multi-Form, Size growth, Splitting Beam, Telekinetic Force Field, etc. come in.

Sample(in the order of layers): Final Flash(immense speed), Spirit Ball(homing and concussive), Energy Drain(other attacks which hit it make it stronger), Dragon Fist(Condensed energy), Hellfire Storm(Elemental inclusion), and lastly KaioKen(which makes it capable of boosting itself in all of its stats temporarily).

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