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2 and a Half Fusions is a series written and produced by Kuzey457. It is a series like Real lifes', 2 and a Half Men, in which this time Gogeta is Charlie, Vegito is Alan and Gotenks is the son, Jake.

Enjoy this.


Gogeta: Men men men, men menly men men, men, men (Vegito joins) Men men men, men menly men (Gotenks joins) Men Men men men (All of them) Meeeennn.....

Season 1

Episode 1

Gogeta walks in the door with a bag of grocerys..

"I got the grocerys and stuff you wanted" Says Gogeta

"Did you get the Oatmeal?" Asks Vegito.

"No, I didn't think you wanted to get the runs again" Says Gogeta to Vegito turning around.

The audience laughs...

"I need some good food cause I'm sending in an application for Pizza Hut later and I need to be healthy" Says Vegito. "If you don't, I will I guess"

"How are you supposed to if you don't even have a car?" Says Gogeta, jumping to conclusions.

Audience laughs...

"Oh Nevermind!" Says Vegito about to walk out the door with a suitcase.

"Where are you going? Another blind date from the internet?" Says Gotenks walking down the stairs at Vegito.

Audience claps and laughs...

"For your information, I am going for a job application at Pizza Hut, I just need to get a job and away two, well, I'm going, bye" Says Vegito walking out and closing the door.

"My, that was odd....but pleasant" Says Gogeta.

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