2012 Supreme Dragon Ball Awards!!!

Welcome to the Supreme Dragon Ball Awards 2012! These are the first official annual wiki awards, where you can vote for any thing in a certain category and whichever gets the most votes wins! The awards were in August 2012 and done by poll. Make sure you pick the ones you want cause you can only pick once. Enjoy the awards!

Status: Closed long ago.

Page Awards

Best Fan-Fiction

Nominees: Dragon Ball: Breaking Bad, Dragon Ball Galaxies, The Keyblade War, and Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Dragon Ball GY, The Travels of Trunks!

Winner: Dragon Ball GY

Best RP character

Nominees: Zion, Kuzon, Ian, Mars, Azelea, Kamiko, SS, and Michael Iron!

Winner: Ian

Best fan transformation

Nominees: Supreme Super Saiyan, Alpha Saiyan, Atomic Super Saiyan, and Dark Super Saiyan.

Winner: Supreme Super Saiyan

Best fan-fiction character

Nominees: Kuzon, Nova, Rigor, and !

Winner: SS

Best fan video game series

Nominees: Lookout Reinchiri, !

Winner: Tie!

User Awards

Nicest user

Nominees: Kuzey457, Maroyasha, Miricle1778, Vegito 7900, and T.O.A.A!

Winner: Kuzey457

Funniest user

Nominees: Kuzey457, Vegito 7900, Video King, T.O.A.A, and Michael Iron!

Winner: Michael Iron

Most helpful user

Nominees: TrunksI, Kuzey457, and Goten66!

Winner: Kuzey457

Most responsible chat mod

Nominees: Vegito 7900, TrunksI, Maroyasha!

Winner: Vegito 7900

Most responsible admin

Nominees: T.O.A.A, Goten66, PhantomSilverShenron, and Kuzey457!

Winner: Kuzey457

Thank you for participating in the 2012 Supreme Dragon Ball Awards!

Thank you for participating in the 2012 Supreme Dragon Ball Awards! Come back next year for some fun! Thanks!

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